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Ammolite ~ ~ Edelstein Kette mit Kupferdraht ~HIPPIE ~GOA ~Boho ~Ethno ~Nature ~Heilstein ~Energy ~Chakra ~Spirale - Art of Nature Berlin
Ammolite ~ ~ Edelstein Kette mit Kupferdraht ~HIPPIE ~GOA ~Boho ~Ethno ~Nature ~Heilstein ~Energy ~Chakra ~Spirale - Art of Nature Berlin
Ammolite ~ ~ Edelstein Kette mit Kupferdraht ~HIPPIE ~GOA ~Boho ~Ethno ~Nature ~Heilstein ~Energy ~Chakra ~Spirale - Art of Nature Berlin

Ammolite ~ ~ Gemstone necklace with copper wire ~HIPPIE ~GOA ~Boho ~Ethno ~Nature ~Healing stone ~Energy ~Chakra ~Spiral

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Today we are introducing you to a beautiful new creation


This stone is a dream - especially in the sunshine, the opalescent colors are a magical work of art

Age of the ammolites: approx. 70 - 75 million years

On the back there is still the adhesive residue from a previous eyelet with an adhesive surface - but we have now decided on the wire piece of jewelry.

~Handmade! - Painstaking, clean finger work with wire
~Working time 2 hours (Gazi is incredibly fast & talented)
~Striking rare design
~High quality copper wires
~The stone sits securely and cannot be damaged by the edges
~100% natural gemstones in top quality
~Perfect service and reviews =)
~If you would like to have a custom order, please send us a message.

Includes cable chain with a lobster clasp

When you start looking into the topic of crystals and gemstones, it can be a little overwhelming at first. What makes the small and large energy stones so special? Which one is right for me and what effect is it known for? And then what do I do with it? Don't worry, we felt the same way at the beginning. The first thing you need to know: You can't really do anything wrong. Gemstones can be easily integrated into your everyday life.

Gemstones are considered powerful companions, especially at a time when we spend most of our day looking at small screens. We quickly forget the world around us and feel separated - from nature, our fellow human beings and ultimately ourselves.
Even if you quickly forget it with the dazzling colors and extraordinary cuts: gemstones come from nature. They arise from magma inside the earth or through high pressure on a rock and can transfer this energy to us. It often takes many thousands of years for a stone to penetrate the earth's surface.
The stone you finally hold in your hands is many years older and carries a lot of wisdom and power. Let this thought ground you, arrive in the moment and look not only to the future, but also to what has already been. This is the only way we can learn.
Whether you just wear your new companion and let it work on you ~ or use it for rituals and ceremonies is now in your hands.

Age of the stone: approx. 70 - 75 million years

On the history of the Ammolites:

Ammolite is a rare opalescent/opalescent gemstone. It is found primarily on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains and consists of the fossil remains of ammonites. Ammolite is also offered under the trade names Calcentin or Korit. In the languages ​​of the local Blackfoot Indian tribes, the stone is called Aapoak (small, creeping stone in the Kainai language because of the play of colors) or Iniskim (“buffalo stone”).

During the Cretaceous period, North America was home to a large subtropical inland sea, the Western Interior Seaway. Continental drift caused the younger part of the Rocky Mountains to fold up while the sea gradually disappeared. The ammonites Placenticeras meeki and Placenticeras intercalare and, more rarely, Baculites compressus lived in this warm sea.

After death, their shells sank to the seabed and were covered with clay (bentonite). In these bentonite sediment layers, the ammonites were largely crushed, but the shells were preserved. These shells were partly made of nacre, i.e. fine plate-like aragonite crystals embedded in a protein matrix.

In most fossilized shells, the aragonite was removed because it is more soluble than, for example, calcite in the surrounding rock. The resulting cavities were later often filled with other material such as calcite or, more rarely, pyrite, or remained hollow. At temperatures above 400 °C, the more unstable aragonite transformed into the more stable calcite. Therefore, fossils with preserved aragonite are particularly rare.

However, the process was somewhat different for the ammonite shells from which ammolite was formed. The aragonite was preserved, mainly because it was covered by impermeable volcanic ash, which came from eruptions of the volcanoes in the Rocky Mountains that were forming. At the same time, the ammonite-containing layers did not reach too great depths, so that they did not heat above 400 °C. During diagenesis, trace elements such as iron and magnesium migrated into the shells.

Only rarely are completely well-preserved ammonites found in which the lobe lines can still be seen. Ammonites up to 90 cm in size have been found, but usually the opalescent ammonites are much smaller.
Ammolite consists primarily of aragonite, which comes directly from the original mother-of-pearl in the shells of ammonites. In addition to aragonite, calcite, quartzite, pyrite and other minerals occur in variable proportions. A number of trace elements are found in the shell itself (aluminum, barium, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, strontium, titanium and vanadium).

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"A stone is the condensed history of the universe"

~Art of Nature Berlin~
Ammolite ~ ~ Edelstein Kette mit Kupferdraht ~HIPPIE ~GOA ~Boho ~Ethno ~Nature ~Heilstein ~Energy ~Chakra ~Spirale - Art of Nature Berlin