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Chrysoprase lime green ~ Edelstein Armband ~ GOA ~ Hippie ~Boho ~Ethno ~Indie ~Nature ~Heilstein - Art of Nature Berlin
Chrysoprase lime green ~ Edelstein Armband ~ GOA ~ Hippie ~Boho ~Ethno ~Indie ~Nature ~Heilstein - Art of Nature Berlin
Chrysoprase lime green ~ Edelstein Armband ~ GOA ~ Hippie ~Boho ~Ethno ~Indie ~Nature ~Heilstein - Art of Nature Berlin

Chrysoprase lime green ~ Gemstone bracelet ~ GOA ~ Hippie ~ Boho ~ Ethno ~ Indie ~ Nature ~ Healing stone

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Gemstone Bracelet ~ Chrysoprase ~ on a stretch cord

Style to choose from:
6&8mm beads
8mm beads

When you start looking into the topic of crystals and gemstones, it can be a little overwhelming at first. What makes the small and large energy stones so special? Which one is right for me and what effect is it known for? And then what do I do with it? Don't worry, we felt the same way at the beginning. The first thing you need to know: You can't really do anything wrong. Gemstones can be easily integrated into your everyday life.

Gemstones are considered powerful companions, especially at a time when we spend most of our day looking at small screens. We quickly forget the world around us and feel separated - from nature, our fellow human beings and ultimately ourselves.
Even if you quickly forget it with the dazzling colors and extraordinary cuts: gemstones come from nature. They arise from magma inside the earth or through high pressure on a rock and can transfer this energy to us. It often takes many thousands of years for a stone to penetrate the earth's surface.
The stone you finally hold in your hands is many years older and carries a lot of wisdom and power. Let this thought ground you, arrive in the moment and look not only to the future, but also to what has already been. This is the only way we can learn.
Whether you just wear your new companion and let it work on you ~ or use it for rituals and ceremonies is now in your hands.

Apple green chrysoprase is a variant of chalcedony. It cleanses and detoxifies on all levels because this is its energy. That's why it also stimulates the liver and has a beneficial effect on all detoxification processes. It is also considered a stone for eternal love and is often given as a gift at weddings as a protective and heart stone.
Chrysoprase Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Chrysoprase Chakra: Heart Chakra
In ancient times, chrysoprase was considered a cure for depression. It gives peace, security, trust, creates new ways of thinking and gives hope. ... In a relationship, chrysoprase gives more loyalty, counteracts jealousy and also helps to solve relationship problems.
The ancient Egyptians saw the chrysoprase healing stone as a protector against black magic and also used it as a protective stone against the plague. In Greece, golden garlic protected against depression, protected love and drove away bad moods. Chrysoprase was also mentioned in the Bible. The Revelation of John describes the stone as the tenth of twelve foundation stones in the Old City wall of Jerusalem. Hildegard von Bingen believed in the effect of chrysoprase on gout, epilepsy and for detoxification. King and Elector Frederick the Great chose the gemstone as his favorite. In Prague's magnificent Wenceslaus Cathedral, around 1,300 semi-precious stones decorate the interior, mainly chrysoprase, amethyst and japsy. In the chrysoprase meaning, the stone helps to master new tasks in life, creates security, strengthens self-confidence and gives deep satisfaction.
Chrysoprase has a calming effect on your heart. All mental heart pain conditions are positively influenced by wearing a chrysoprase necklace and meditating with it. In the chrysoprase meaning, the stone helps with grief, dissolves stressful thoughts and acts against jealousy. The gemstone chrysoprase gives trust, hope and security when embarking on new paths in life.

How does chrysoprase affect the psyche?
The chrysoprase effect is detoxifying and cleansing for the soul and body. His themes are irritability, bad moods, nightmares and darkness of the soul. The healing stone chrysoprase resolves inner conflicts, strengthens hope and frees you from addictions. In love relationships, the apple-green golden garlic conveys lasting honesty and loyalty. Thanks to its detoxifying effect on the soul level, it helps with heartbreak, mistrust and jealousy. Chrysoprase is a heart stone of renewal and transformation.

The qualities of the stone bring foresight, serenity and inner harmony.
Chrysoprase's effects on the mental and spiritual level are:
Independence, trust in God, hope
Emotionally balancing and harmonizing
Deeper understanding of life, focusing on the essentials
Open mind for a new look at the world
What effect does chrysoprase have on the body?
The intensive detoxifying qualities play an important role in the medicinal significance of chrysoprase. The healing stone of purification has positive effects on the blood and cardiovascular system. Golden garlic is used as a gemstone elixir for skin problems. Together with smoky quartz, the chrysoprase effect is particularly effective against fungal infections or neurodermatitis. When you wear the apple green stone, it strengthens the internal organs and supports the liver in detoxification. It stabilizes blood pressure, promotes fertility in women and helps men with potency problems.
The chrysoprase effects on the body level are:
Detoxification, cleansing, purification
Skin diseases such as fungal infections or neurodermatitis
Joint problems such as rheumatism and osteoarthritis
Activating effect on fertility and potency

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"A stone is the condensed history of the universe"

~Art of Nature Berlin~
Chrysoprase lime green ~ Edelstein Armband ~ GOA ~ Hippie ~Boho ~Ethno ~Indie ~Nature ~Heilstein - Art of Nature Berlin