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Crazy Laze Agate ~ Gemstone Necklace ~HIPPIE ~GOA ~Boho ~Tibet ~Ethno ~Nature ~Donut ~Protection Symbol ~Healing Stone

Crazy Laze Agate ~ Gemstone Necklace ~HIPPIE ~GOA ~Boho ~Tibet ~Ethno ~Nature ~Donut ~Protection Symbol ~Healing Stone

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Gemstone necklace with a ~Crazy Laze (crazy) agate ~ donut 40mm ~ including leather cord 1.5mm in antique brown for knotting. Beautiful past pattern... (Photo without leather strap so that...
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Gemstone necklace with a ~Crazy Laze (crazy) agate ~ donut 40mm ~ including leather cord 1.5mm in antique brown for knotting.

Beautiful past pattern...

(Photo without leather strap so that the stone can be fully visible)
When you start looking into the topic of crystals and gemstones, it can be a little overwhelming at first. What makes the small and large energy stones so special? Which one is right for me and what effect is it known for? And then what do I do with it? Don't worry, we felt the same way at the beginning. The first thing you need to know: You can't really do anything wrong. Gemstones can be easily integrated into your everyday life.

Gemstones are considered powerful companions, especially at a time when we spend most of our day looking at small screens. We quickly forget the world around us and feel separated - from nature, our fellow human beings and ultimately ourselves.
Even if you quickly forget it with the dazzling colors and extraordinary cuts: gemstones come from nature. They arise from magma inside the earth or through high pressure on a rock and can transfer this energy to us. It often takes many thousands of years for a stone to penetrate the earth's surface.
The stone you finally hold in your hands is many years older and carries a lot of wisdom and power. Let this thought ground you, arrive in the moment and look not only to the future, but also to what has already been. This is the only way we can learn.
Whether you just wear your new companion and let it work on you ~ or use it for rituals and ceremonies is now in your hands.

Agate has always been a very strong protective stone for the Indians. Indians always take an agate with them when traveling so that they don't feel so lost in a foreign country. It promotes integration.
The gemstone agate has a high reputation as a protective stone and lucky charm. Agate conveys protection, security and security by relieving internal tensions and making it more stable against external influences.

Agate is a gemstone that shows several layers or layers. It may have other gemstones in the different quartz layers, such as chalcedony or jasper. It is often hollow inside and sometimes contains water or material. If you shake it, the closed agate stone will rattle. It is also known as the “eagle stone” because the eagle supposedly puts this naturally occurring round gemstone in its nest to cool itself off during the heated brooding. It is often given to pregnant women as a protective stone to protect them from miscarriages.
Agate Zodiac Signs: Taurus and Scorpio
Agate Chakra: Sacral Chakra
Agate effect and meaning for your life:
Focus on what's important, be essential and stay with yourself, an agate mala tells you. Agates focus you, help you to withdraw at the right moment, to reflect on yourself and thus stabilize yourself. They give you security, even when a lot is affecting you. You handle the complexity of life (as the agate has in its layers) with flying colors. This will make you more mature and allow you to cope with even a turbulent life stress-free with calm and focus.
The agate develops its effect best on the root chakra. On an astrological level it is associated with the zodiac signs Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus and Capricorn.
Grounding, protection and stabilization.
Agate serves as a primer, stabilizing and protecting the stone. The stone promotes inner peace and a calm and down-to-earth attitude.
It stimulates spiritual and spiritual growth by encouraging self-reflection and asks you to take a step back and look at everything more objectively. It promotes rational and logical thinking, concentration, analytical skills and thus helps to find practical solutions to problems. Agate protects the aura, gives a feeling of security and brings balance to the body, soul and spirit. Physically, agate is a good stone during pregnancy (for mother and child) because it protects, stimulates growth and has a positive effect on the uterus. It has a positive effect on the stomach, bladder (e.g. cystitis), eyes, blood vessels and stimulates metabolism. Red agate has a grounding, protective and vitalizing effect, provides energy, stimulates sexual activity and helps get rid of addictions. Physically beneficial effect on the stomach, nervous system, endocrine system, blood circulation and eyes.
Dendrite agate has small fossilized plants and often appears somewhat rosy. Tree agate has a strong grounding and calming effect. The stone gives a safe and protected feeling. It gives strength, self-confidence, endurance and makes you steadfast. The stone is very suitable for plants and trees as its energy is very nutritious. Physically, it has a positive effect on bacterial infections and strengthens the immune system.
Moss agate has a grounding and stabilizing effect. The gentle and nourishing energy of this stone returns the body, mind and soul to its natural, balanced state, bringing stability and peace on all of these levels. Mosagate is therefore very suitable to help you recover after an illness, to calm down after a period of much emotional turmoil or to return to yourself. The stone makes you feel like you are in your place and allows your true self to emerge. It lets you see the core and what is really important about you and yourself. Superficialities, prejudices and things that distract from the essence fall away. The stone helps to let go of fears, stress and worries and to become relaxed. It strengthens your connection with nature and the earth. Physically, moss agate has a positive effect on resistance and the immune system, heart and blood vessels, lungs, flu and colds, hyperventilation and stress-related complaints. Wearing the stone during pregnancy has a positive impact on the development of the fetus.

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"A stone is the condensed history of the universe"

~Art of Nature Berlin~