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Cuprit Chrysocoll / Afr. Türkis Ohrringe ~ Edelstein Ohrringe ~GOA ~Hippie ~Boho ~Ethno ~Nature ~Heilstein ~Natur~Ohrhänger ~Bronze Trichter - Art of Nature Berlin
Cuprit Chrysocoll / Afr. Türkis Ohrringe ~ Edelstein Ohrringe ~GOA ~Hippie ~Boho ~Ethno ~Nature ~Heilstein ~Natur~Ohrhänger ~Bronze Trichter - Art of Nature Berlin
Cuprit Chrysocoll / Afr. Türkis Ohrringe ~ Edelstein Ohrringe ~GOA ~Hippie ~Boho ~Ethno ~Nature ~Heilstein ~Natur~Ohrhänger ~Bronze Trichter - Art of Nature Berlin

Cuprite Chrysocoll / Afr. Turquoise earrings ~ gemstone earrings ~ GOA ~ hippie ~ boho ~ ethnic ~ nature ~ healing stone ~ nature ~ earrings ~ bronze funnel

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Cuprite Chrysocoll / Afr. Turquoise ~ Gemstone Earrings

-Natural gemstones in great quality
-Handmade from Berlin
-As usual, a top price + repair guarantee
-Craft with passion :)

This product is one of our first creations in which we used antique bronze everywhere, which looks very nice in color, but is not as strong in quality as stainless steel, so wear and tear occurs after a long period of wear!
You are welcome to choose a different material directly - 304 stainless steel gold or silver, sacrificing the color combination ;) (A product image will also come)
Or you choose Antique Bronze & enjoy a free repair/exchange guarantee, as well as the option to change the material!

Therefore, our rule is: If you buy antique bronze, you get a beautiful color combination, but not 304 stainless steel quality, understandably. Therefore, earrings can be replaced after a while, free of charge!

Chrysocolla is a mineral stone whose color varies from green to turquoise. It forms mineral aggregates that have a kidney- or grape-like, stalactite-shaped or granular shape. It also occurs in the form of crusts, layers and tiny crystals. Its name comes from the Greek words “chrysos” for gold and “kolla” for glue, which then translates into gold glue. The mineral received this name because of its ability to combine individual gold spheres during granulation, an ancient goldsmith technique. Synonyms include copper pebbles, copper green, mountain green or pebble malachite.

Chrysocolla was already revered as a stone of hope in ancient times. It is said to be a wise stone because it can lead you to compromise and thereby protect you from psychological injuries. It is said that even Cleopatra always carried chrysocolla with her because it was said to calm the mind and make her more tolerant and sensitive. In ancient Egypt it was considered the softer brother of turquoise. The name of Chrysocolla is derived from the Greek “chrysos” (in German: gold) and “kolla” (in German: to stick). Its name came about because it was often used as gold glue in goldsmiths' art. As a copper mineral, chrysocolla is also used as a copper ore.

Chrysocolla creates balance, has a calming effect on the nerves and relieves excessive tension or stress. In this way it calms the mind and can also turn anger or hatred into its opposite. Through this spiritual balance, Chrysocolla provides warmth, tolerance and serenity. The healing stone also helps to keep a cool head in necessary situations. Through increased intuition and patience, decisions can be made much better and with sustainability.

It gives us a loving relationship with ourselves and those around us. Chrysocolla allows us to keep a clear head in all situations and thus harmonizes our lives. It leads to more initiative, promotes harmony and improves trust in your own body and instincts.

Chrysocolla is an important main stone for the zodiac signs Taurus, Cancer and Libra. This healing stone relieves Taurus' anxiety and increases their connection to nature. Cancer receives improved imagination and intuition and more tolerance. It gives Libra inner peace and brings balance and tolerance.

Works best through the heart chakra, with a tendency towards the throat chakra and third eye.
Wear it as a pendant at heart level or carry it in your pocket. Do not use as healing stone water because of the high copper content.

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"A stone is the condensed history of the universe"

~Art of Nature Berlin~
Cuprit Chrysocoll / Afr. Türkis Ohrringe ~ Edelstein Ohrringe ~GOA ~Hippie ~Boho ~Ethno ~Nature ~Heilstein ~Natur~Ohrhänger ~Bronze Trichter - Art of Nature Berlin