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Moqui Marbles ~ living gemstones ~ Indian shaman stone ~HIPPIE ~GOA ~Boho ~Ethno ~Nature ~Healing stone ~Energy ~Chakra
Moqui Marbles ~ living gemstones ~ Indian shaman stone ~HIPPIE ~GOA ~Boho ~Ethno ~Nature ~Healing stone ~Energy ~Chakra
Moqui Marbles ~ living gemstones ~ Indian shaman stone ~HIPPIE ~GOA ~Boho ~Ethno ~Nature ~Healing stone ~Energy ~Chakra
Moqui Marbles ~ living gemstones ~ Indian shaman stone ~HIPPIE ~GOA ~Boho ~Ethno ~Nature ~Healing stone ~Energy ~Chakra
Moqui Marbles ~ living gemstones ~ Indian shaman stone ~HIPPIE ~GOA ~Boho ~Ethno ~Nature ~Healing stone ~Energy ~Chakra

Moqui Marbles ~ living gemstones ~ Indian shaman stone ~HIPPIE ~GOA ~Boho ~Ethno ~Nature ~Healing stone ~Energy ~Chakra

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Moqui Marble Pair – A delicate miracle of nature

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The Moqui Marble have been a sanctuary for various Native American peoples of North America for centuries. The Native Americans quickly recognized their positive effects and to this day they still guard the secret of the sites like a valuable treasure.

Now the Moqui Marbles are gradually finding their way into Europe.

The life of the born stones

Moquie Marbles are not easy to find. Moqui Marbles are born in the ground and then emerge to the surface of the earth. This is also why they are called living stones. Some researchers believe they are the remains of former meteorites. There is no real agreement on a fact on this issue. What is clear is that the stones are ancient, 130 - 150 million years old.

Always buy Moqui Marbles as a pair. A female and a male stone create a harmonious unity. Her name Moqui comes from the Native Americans and means: loyal darling. Marbles are marbles. It is said that today every family whose origins lie among the Native American peoples owns a pair of these legendary stones.

According to legend, the new arrival receives this stone as a talisman at birth and keeps it until death. Then he plays with these stones in the evening before he sets off on his journey to his ancestors in the morning. When he returns, he lets his Moqui Marble and his surviving relatives know: he is doing well.

The male Moquis look a little like a UFO and are rougher than the female Moquis, which are also more round and whose surface is more velvety. The energy of the male Moquis is clockwise, that of the female is counterclockwise. In contrast to the Bojis, which are also living stones and are very similar in their functionality and appearance, the Moqui Marbles are significantly larger.

The hard, mostly black shell is made of hematite. The interior is filled with sandstone. Shamans have always used these magical stones for healing rituals.

We humans are not magnetic and yet we attract or repel each other. It's the same with the Moquis. It is not a logical form of magnetism and yet positive and negative energy zones exist.

Moqui Marbles
The effect of the Moqui Marbles

If you own a pair of Moqui Marbles, take these stones into your hands. Then bring your hands together at the level of your heart. If it's a couple, your two elbows will either be pulled or pushed away from your body. If you have two male or two female stones, one elbow is attracted and the other is repelled.

If one part of our body is weak or diseased, place the male moqui there and place the female moqui on the opposite side. This closes the energy circle and a flow of healing should be felt.

However, a Moqui Marble pair can do even more. Blockages in the nervous system are released through the flow of their healing powers and they give us a pleasant calm by bringing our energy flow into balance.

It is said that when we focus on the frequencies of the Moqui Marbles, the mind is clearer and more focused. These concentrations cause the human organism to vibrate in sync with that of the living stones.

The energetic vibrations of Moqui Marbles are often compared to the powers of extraterrestrial stones such as meteorites, tektites or moldavites. Their frequencies are very similar and also quite high.

No special ceremonies are required. Moquis affect you whether you like it or not. Pure energy flows through us. They are said to have the power to rejuvenate our cells. Our knowledge and our mind gain more and more experience. Many healing stones work on certain regions or aura parts of us, the Moqui Marbles work everywhere. Our entire energy flow clears and strengthens.

Moqui Marbles require dedication

The living stones require a special form of care. These stones develop their powers through loving care and devotion. They want to be protected and cared for. The different tribes of Native Americans are convinced that the more intense the connection between the owner and the stones, the more their powers will develop.

It is said that the stones move in your hands when you stroke them if the connection is very intense. This is said to resemble a dance and during this dance the Moqui Marbles drive away all negative vibrations and charge its owner with happiness and contentment.

For the Native Americans, Moqui Marbles are living beings and they treat the living stones as such. So never just put them somewhere carelessly and leave them to their fate. Give them love, care and physical closeness.

Otherwise, they will lose all their energy and gradually crumble into dust.

Take your Moqui Marbles out into the morning sun because they especially love their energy. Give them the company of other healing stones when you are not carrying them with you. They also give these healing stones parts of their powers and charge them.

When the moon is full, lay them in its light and give them a bath every now and then in the light of the blue hour.

But the most important thing for Moqui Marbles is caresses. Gently run your finger over the stones and activate the heart of the Moqui Marbles. You will feel these energies.

Always take good care of your Moquis and they will gift you with their powers.
Moqui Marbles ~ living gemstones ~ Indian shaman stone ~HIPPIE ~GOA ~Boho ~Ethno ~Nature ~Healing stone ~Energy ~Chakra
Moqui Marbles ~ living gemstones ~ Indian shaman stone ~HIPPIE ~GOA ~Boho ~Ethno ~Nature ~Healing stone ~Energy ~Chakra
Moqui Marbles ~ living gemstones ~ Indian shaman stone ~HIPPIE ~GOA ~Boho ~Ethno ~Nature ~Healing stone ~Energy ~Chakra